ASL FLY MED is the newest division of ASL Group, operating 2 learjets, out of Cologone and Liege. A cooperation with our medical partner "Med Care Professional" guarantees the highest standards for a safe, economic and comfortable solution for patients in need of a medical transfer.

ASL FLY MED offers a wide spectrum of 24/7 services around the globe, such as medical repatriation, flying ICU's, transport of organs, ... While applying - at all times - a human approach and putting up front the demanding needs of the patient.

The Learjets OO-MED and OO-DOC are equipped with a 2-stretcher Lifeport system and 4 seats, able to transport 2 patients with doctor and nurse and a maximum of 2 extra companions. With the additional medical equipment, ASL is able to transport critical patients under full intensive care conditions. The range of the aircraft is approximately 1800 NM with a cruising speed of 430 Kts.

In back up of the Learjet operations, other aircraft operated by the company are also regularly used for urgent organ transports. All medical flights are coordinated by ASL’s Operations Control Center, which is operational 24 hours a day.

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