In today’s complex regulatory environment, managing an aircraft is a time-consuming task, but we are used to it. For more than 15 years we have owned, as well as managed other companies’ aircraft, giving us a unique perspective into the requirements of owning an aircraft. We can take care of everything on your behalf, from secure hangarage to pilot training and provision. Our team is your team, 24/7.

Our aircraft management program is designed to provide private jet owners with help with flight operations, crewing, maintenance, insurance and many of the other aspects of owning an aircraft. What’s more, our experienced crew and in-house maintenance facility enables us to offer a full-service package.

  • 24/7 Availability: through our ‘sales’ department. The continuous follow-up of movements of the aircraft to guarantee the owner that any of his requests is communicated to the operations (OCC) department of ASLGroup.
  • Flight Operations (OCC): Preparation of each flight based on the owner’s requests, considering the applicable aviation regulations (EASA OPS / EASA Part-ORO & Part-NCC). This includes the preparation of flight plans, the execution of last-minute changes, the request for overflight clearances and special flight permits, taxi or limo reservation, helicopter, boat, hotel bookings for crews, etc.
  • Technical Follow-up (CAMO): Technical follow-up of the aircraft (mandatory). Preparation and follow-up of ‘work orders’ sent to external maintenance companies. Ensures the continuous airworthiness of the aircraft, follows AD (Airworthiness Directives) and SB (Safety Bulletins), etc.
  • Quality Control & Compliance Monitoring: Internal and external quality control of the company activities as well as sub-contractors. Controls the compliance with the applicable aviation regulations.
  • Safety: Follow-up and management of flight safety and company activities. Implementation of preventive measures against incidents and accidents. Identification and mitigation of hazards and risks.
  • Training: Complete follow-up of pilots & staff training programs (ground courses, tests, simulator trainings, medical checks, etc.)