We use our own dedicated FBO facilities (General Aviation Terminal and lounges) to provide crew and passengers with a dedicated and secured access to the apron where aircraft are parked. The facilities will include a VIP passenger lounge, a crew lounge & rest area and will also feature a large reception, meeting and event area (prearrangement and booking through the FBO will be required).

  • Short term & long term parking - outdoor or indoor parking depending on ASL-hangar availability;
  • Refueling services (Jet A-1 and Avgas);
  • Line services - aircraft interior and exterior cleaning, dish-washing, laundry cleaning, lavatory servicing, potable water filling, etc. 
  • Line maintenance - in coordination with ASL Group's Part-145 Maintenance Workshop RAS (Rijnmond Air Services);
  • Customs & immigration services (coordination with Airport Police & customs); 
  • Aircraft catering arrangements (crew and passengers);
  • Passenger services - baggage handling, provision of passenger lounge and taxi services; 
  • Flight planning availability - access to computers and telecommunication equipment for weather reports, briefing packages and flight plan filing; 
  • Flight crew lounge - dedicated rest areas for transient flight crew; 
  • Car rental arrangement.

Download ASL Jet Handling General Conditions, effective 1st January 2024

Contact for more information

T. +32 (0)3 535 02 33 (EBAW | Antwerp)
T. +32(0)4 334 06 90 (EBLG | Liege)
T. +31(0)43 762 08 08 (EHBK | Maastricht)

VAT EBLG | EBAW: BE07 4595 5239
VAT EHBK: NL85 11 82 732B 01