Safety & Compliance

Nowadays, flying has become a very complex task and an extremely regulated business.

The times when you could own your aircraft and manage it yourself of have it managed by your own pilot are over... Or nearly...

In the early 2000's, the European Commission decided that it was time to standardise the air regulations all across Europe and therefore established the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

The goal of EASA is to write, propose, implement and amend regulations that have to be applied within all the EASA member states, in other words, in all the European countries. All the countries now have to apply the same rules and the same texts, although their interpretation may differ from one country to another.

In today's complex regulatory framework, and more than ever before, all the focus is set on Safety and Compliance. Whether you want to fly your own little propeller-driven Cessna 172 from A to B, or create your own small business aviation operation or even your multinational low-cost carrier, you will have to stick to an incredible amount of rules and make sure that you totally comply with them, in order to guarantee safety.

Within ASL and JetNetherlands, Safety and Compliance have become extremely important and are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Aircraft management

Safety, as it should always be in the aviation industry is our number one concern. From the moment a customer contacts us to book a flight, all the actions that will follow this initial contact will always be driven around safety and compliance with the regulations. And this is even more challenging when it comes to business aviation, which, by definition, offers much more flexibility than regular airlines.

Our teams works continuously, behind the scene, to make sure that when preparing your flight, we are always compliant with the applicable regulations. They will always make sure that our crews are sufficiently proficient and trained for the mission, that the airport we are taking you too meets all the performance criteria for our aircraft, that our pilots won't bust their duty time limitations, and so on.  A one hour flight today can sometimes represent several hours of pre-flight preparation and coordination, just to make sure that by the time you get to the aircraft, everything is well prepared and compliant with all the regulations.

This is our job. Taking you wherever you need to be in the highest level of safety and comfort, without compromising compliance to the regulations.

Now you can really sit back and relax. You know you are safe!


Peer Support Program (PSP)

If you have personal concerns about the well-being or the mental health of one of your relatives (family or close friend) who is working for ASL Group, you can inform our Safety Department about your concern through the use of our Peer Support Programme.

ASL Group enables, facilitates, and ensures access to a proactive and non-punitive peer support programme that will assist and support any employee or crew member in recognising, coping with, and overcoming any problem which might negatively affect their ability to safely exercise the privileges of their duties within the company.

The ASL Peer Support Programme (PSP) can be defined as a structure whereby a crew member or staff member can get confidential help with mental wellbeing or life stress issues, either for themselves or for a colleague.

The confidentiality of the process is absolute, except for certain clearly defined circumstances which are standard medical practice.



Safety contact

For all safety related inquiries or more details about the Peer Support Program, you may contact our safety department.