ASL-JetNetherlands lands the first commercial flight in Twente

ASL-JetNetherlands lands the first commercial flight in Twente

02/05/16 The Company's Cessna Citation Sovereign+ landed on the 1st of May.

After nine years, the airport of Twente is again open for commercial flights.

ASL/JetNetherland's Cessna Citation Sovereign+ landed from Manchester in England in Twente at 11AM on May 1st, 2016.

A little lated that day, some businessmen boarded the plane an the aircraft departed again around noon for Italy.

The last time commercial flights were carried out from Twente Airport dates back from 2007. The airport site is being re-developed at this time. The provincial government has decided that no more than thirty planes can take off and land every day.

Mainly business aircraft, gliders and other small traffic will use the airport, provided that 24 hours notice is requested. In addition, around 240 large aircraft are allowed to take-off or land on a yearly basis, many of which will mainly land in Twente in order to be scrapped and recycled.
There are already additional flights scheduled for this month.

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