ASL ramps up operations as EU borders re-open

ASL ramps up operations as EU borders re-open

15/06/20 Leisure and business travel restrictions are being lifted all across EU members states.

On 15 june 2020, several EU and Schengen member states have officially started re-opening their internal borders, following the COVID-19 pandemic lock-down measures.

The re-opening of the borders also mean that travel restrictions are being lifted up, thereby permissing business and leisure flights to re-start. Flight and travel needs are no longer limited to "essential" services and businesses. 

ASL is ramping up its flight operations and its activities in order to allow clients and passengers to reach their preferred destinations, in an unparalleled level of safety and comfort. Even though the company remained operational during the crisis, extra efforts and resources are now being alocated on the "return to normal" operations, in order to comply with the latest industry recommendations and guidelines, as well as to guarantee the highest level of safety.

Some travel restrictrions remain applicable on certain countries/destinations, and the company contrinues to follow the situation as it evolves day-by-day. 

The Safety and Health protective measures which were implemented by ASL during the coronavirus-crisis remain applicable until further notice as the pandemic is not over yet. Clients and passengers are kindly requested to review and apply these measures prior to traveling with an ASL Aircraft.

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