Rijnmond Air Services joins the ASL-JetNetherlands Family

15 Dec
Rijnmond Air Services joins the ASL-JetNetherlands Family

At present day, RAS employs around 30 people of which 20 people are directly involved in the maintenance activities of the company. Although a relatively small company, RAS employees have much experience in all aspects of aircraft maintenance and is believed to be one of the oldest maintenance facilities in The Netherlands.

Today, RAS performs maintenance services for a variety of customers such as private aircraft owners, corporate operators as well as commercial operators including one of the largest commercial business jet operators in the world. References are not published here since we respect the privacy of our customers. Special references can only be given on request.

RAS provides Base Maintenance services at 2 facilities located at Rotterdam The Hague Airport; one facility with its main offices and a maintenance hangar of 900 m² specifically used for maintenance on propeller aircraft, both piston engine powered as well as turbo prop aircraft.

AOG services are provided throughout the European continent, on call and with rapid response.

RAS, although a relatively small organisation, is well known for its reliability, quality, flexibility and efficiency.

The entry of RAS into the ASL/JetNetherlands family is a very important milestone for the development of the group. It allows it to complement its portfolio of business and private aviation services with a fixed base maintenance company.

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