ASL & JetNetherlands take delivery of a new Falcon 2000LXS

11 Aug
ASL & JetNetherlands take delivery of a new Falcon 2000LXS

ASL and JetNetherlands very proudly celebrated the delivery of a factory-new Falcon 2000LXS on August 7, 2015 in Antwerp.

The aircraft landed in a beautiful morning, ending it's maiden delivery flight from Little Rock, Arkansas.

The company will operate the aircraft both on behalf of its owner and for commercial charter clients as well. The exact date at which the aircraft will be available for commercial operation will be communicated in due times.

This is the second Falcon 2000 to be operated by the recently-formed ASL-JNL Group.

The aircraft features a 10 seat cabin spread in a 4 seat club section followed by a dining/meeting area for 4, next to a 2 seat club in the back. The cabin is equipped with a full wet galley and includes an oven, a microwave and an espresso machine.

The cabin also features a telephone, wi-fi and a complete in-flight information and entertainment system.

ASL and JetNetherlands are very happy to welcome the aircraft in their fleet.

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