ASL and JetNetherlands join EBAA

07 Jul
ASL and JetNetherlands join EBAA

ASL and JetNetherlands are pround to announce that they have joined the EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) as Full Member.

EBAA aims to promote excellence and professionalism amongst its Members to enable them to deliver best-in-class safety and operational efficiency, whilst representing their interests at all levels in Europe, to ensure the proper recognition of business aviation as a vital part of the aviation infrastructure, supporting local and national economies.

EBAA counts some 500 Members from across the industry and represents a fleet of over 1000 aircraft.

The Association is a founding Member of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), through which Members' interests are represented at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

EBAA deals with challenging issues such as the Single European Sky, environmental issues including Emission Trading, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) rulemaking process including Fees and Charges, Security and Access to Airports and Airspace.

ASL and JetNetherlands will actively participate in all the works carried out by EBAA and collaborate with the other members as well to promote business aviation within Europe.

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