The excellent reputation of the Pilatus PC-12 is known worldwide.

The aircraft is primarily known and especially appreciated by its flexible access to short and unpaved runways.  Typical for a PC-12 is the large cargo with space for luggage, skis, golf clubs and even nautical accessories. The comfortable, flat floor of the 1.45m high cabin makes boarding easy and comfortable.  The Pilatus offers enough space for 6 to 8 passengers.

Thanks to its five-hour runtime and the small fuel consumptions compared to jets, hereby also providing environmental advantages,  the PC-12 is very popular for business people.  Also for military and medical applications, this airplane is best suited.

The Pilatus PC12NG is only available to Blue Sky Club members.

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Pilatus PC12
Special features
  • Toilet
  • In-flight info
  • Mini-bar

Flight range