09/03/22 -

We have now reached the third edition of our Blue Sky Magazine.This edition is among other things dedicated to yachting and the sunny island of Ibiza.In fact, we launched our new “ Fly Executive “ concept in which we will introduce weekly flights from Brussels to Ibiza and back during the summer months of 2020. For this we will rely on our Embraer 135 with 30 comfortable seats.

With already 70% of the capacity of seats sold in the first 3 weeks after the launch, it already promises to be a success and for next season we are looking forward to further expansions within this new formula.During the winter season there will be flights from Antwerp to Innsbruck.

Fly Executive is actually a scheduled service but offers the experience of a private flight. A bit best of both worlds. Now that Covid 19 has also hit hard in our sector, the time had come to definitively implement this idea - which had been in our heads for some time. By doing so, we are completely against the grain of the dominant low-cost concept that has reduced flying - which was once a relaxing experience - to an often stressful start to your holiday or business trip. We hope to be able to offer this relaxing experience back to our Fly Executive travellers and are still looking forward to hearing from them.

An important note in this new story is the fact that we want to play a leading role in the aviation landscape by flying completely CO2 neutral. We are convinced that it is our customers who also attach importance to this for their future travel needs. In this magazine you will read more about our RISE programme, which stands for Responsible Initiatives for Sustainable Environment. A programme that we aim to roll out on a company-wide scale with regard to sustainable and eco-friendly entrepreneurship, including in the aviation sector!

Best regards,

Philippe Bodson