The Cessna Citation Excel (Model 560XL) is a turbofan-powered, medium-sized business jet built by the Cessna Aircraft Company in Wichita, Kansas, USA. As a member of the widespread Citation brand of business jets, the Excel firstly evolved into the Citation XLS and afterwards into the Citation XLS+ models, being lighter and smaller.

With the success of Cessna's high-end Citation VII, the manufacturer discovered a new market for aircraft featuring the Citation X's while aiming at more traditional purposes and making it compete with twin-turboprop aircraft. Rather than being a direct variant of another Citation airframe, the aircraft was a combination of technologies and designs. To produce the XLS+, Cessna took the X's wide, stand-up cabin fuselage and shortened it by about 21 feet (6.4 m).

The Citation XLS+, or simply "Plus" configuration was upgraded with a completely revised nose design, similar to the one found on the Citation Sovereign and Citation X – aircraft also belonging to our fleet.

The XLS+ is flown by a crew of 2 pilots and is able to take up to 10 passengers on board the most spacious cabin of its kind. The typical corporate configuration, however is counting six to eight passengers.

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Cessna C560 Citation XLS - XLS+
Special features
  • Mini-bar
  • Boiler
  • Toilet
  • In-flight info
  • Wifi
  • Phone

Flight range