ASL Fly Med participates in airlift to Ukraine

ASL Fly Med participates in airlift to Ukraine

13/04/22 We support the initiative of MedCareProfessional and contribute by deploying our ambulance planes for an airlift to the Ukrainian border.

Press release
Hasselt - Tuesday 12 April 2022

The war in Ukraine fills us with great concern, anger and sadness. So many people are suffering and dying in this completely senseless and unbridled war. War crimes and seemingly targeted war against civilians are part of the current routine of the Russian armed forces, and it is with the greatest consternation that we see daily pictures and news of a war that until recently we thought was impossible in the middle of Europe.

In these difficult hours, days and weeks, each of us is probably thinking about what can be done to help in this situation and what skills and resources can be used to do so.

At ASL Group, we also think about how we can help and what better way to do so than by transporting seriously ill and injured people by air!

We support the initiative of MedCareProfessional and contribute by deploying our ambulance planes for an airlift to the Ukrainian border.

On the way out, the planes can carry urgently needed relief goods in Ukraine.On the way back, up to four patients can be brought to Western Europe for treatment.
Experience shows that such resources are always scarce in war and crisis situations, which is why we are convinced that we can make a meaningful contribution by deploying our Learjet aircraft.
Of course, such a project requires several local partners and a good coordination with the hospitals in Belgium and in Germany where our medical partner MedCareProfessional is based.
MISSIONThe first mission will start on Tuesday 12.04.2022 at 11am.Our Learjet 45 with registration OO-MED is loaded with more than 500kg of medical supplies and food and will take off from Liège Airport.
The experienced ASL Group flight crew and a medical crew of doctor and nurse from MedCareProfessional from Germany will be on board.
Our first destination is Kosice in Slovakia. The crew will deliver the cargo to a special distribution centre and on the way back, the team will pick up two injured patients for further treatment in German hospitals. The destinations for these patients are Stuttgart and Bochum.
The missions are funded by private donations and both our medical partner, MedCareProfessional, and ourselves are looking forward to the next flights.
We would therefore like to express a special thank you to everyone who supports the project.Together we can help and we are not powerless!

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