UPDATE (5 May): Information regarding the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

As most European aircraft operators, we are closely and continuously monitoring the situation with regards to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak. We also hear and understand the general concerns of our clients, of our partners, of our passengers and of our personnel and we are taking the necessary measures to make sure that exposure to the virus is limited to its maximum and that mitigating measures are readily available.

At this stage, our company continues to operate normally, but with increased health & sanitary standards. Our company adheres to the latest safety recommendations and directives emanating from EASA - European Union Aviation Safety Agency and our Teams are continuously following the latest information coming from the most trustworthy and reliable sources, such as the World Health Organisation, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the European Commission Directorate General Sante or from EBAA.

As we continue to monitor the situation, we kindly invite our clients, our partners, our passengers and our personnel not to panic, to filter information as it is sprayed by mass media, and to follow some basic (but very important) health and sanitary rules (see WHO poster).

UPDATE 10/03/2020:

As the outbreak continues all accross the globe, we strongly recommend all our clients and passengers to:

  1. Contact our Sales Team (+32 11 29 50 16) in order to know whether particular restrictions, bans or procedures are in force for their (intended) flight
  2. Contact your National Foreign Affairs for the latest travel advice and for possible restrictions or bans on your destination country.
  3. If you have travelled to a contaminated area, or if you have been in direct contact with someone who was contaminated by the COVID-19 Virus during the last 14 days, please inform our Sales Department (if prior to a planned flight) or alternatively our Crew immediately as special procedures may be enforced.
  4. Please duly respect the various hygiene measures promulgated by local and aviation authorities.

Note that since 10/03/2020, important travel restrictions apply to Italy. Contact us for more details.

UPDATE 15/03/2020:

Letter from ASL Group CEO

Dear Valued Customer,

You are most probably fully aware of the current situation regarding the pandemic of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which is now a global issue.

Unfortunately, the virus continues to spread at a remarkable speed, pushing national authorities and governments to take unprecedented and drastic measures to refrain the outbreak. We are, of course, closely monitoring the evolution of this situation, which, as you can imagine, is impacting our operations.

As most air operators, our most important concern is the safety of our passengers and clients, as well as of our crew and staff members. Therefore, I believe it is important to give you a little explanation regarding the various measures which have been taken within our company to keep our passengers, our crews and our aircraft flying with the highest level of safety and hygiene.

Our Crew Members, both Cockpit and Cabin, have very strict protocols to follow in terms of health and hygiene. Although we cannot control their health conditions prior to each flight, only Crew Members who feel perfectly fit are assigned to a flight. We have no doubt about their level of professionalism to carry out these self-assessments. Any crew member feeling unfit or even slightly ill is removed from the planning and told to stay at home. 

All our aircraft cabins are being systematically disinfected after each flight, whether the flight ends at a company home base or outstation. The disinfection is carried out either by our Ground Operations Personnel or by our Crew Members. We have also equipped all our aircraft with hand sanitizing gel, disinfectant products and with Universal Precaution Kits (UPK) at it was recommended by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) at the beginning of the outbreak.

Passengers who are flying on our aircraft are also required to follow the basic international hygiene rules and to limit close contact with others, out of respect and precaution for the people eventually travelling with them as well as for our Crew Members. Those passengers who have been travelling to affected or risky areas are required to fill in a Passenger Locator Form and to report any symptom – even the slightest which may be related to COVID-19 – to our Crew Members so that they can apply the necessary protocols immediately. From an office perspective, most of our staff members are now required to work from home. All non-critical meetings and training courses have been suspended as well, in agreement with the competent authorities.

The outbreak is causing non-negligible operational disruptions on several countries and airports. Our flight Operations and Dispatch Departments are working day and night to monitor the situation and to limit the inconvenience as much as possible. The upcoming weeks will be challenging for our company, but today more than ever, our Team remains entirely committed to serving you and your business the best way possible.

Thank you for your understanding, for your confidence and for your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Philippe Boson

UPDATE 18/03/2020:

As we continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak and to implement/follow all the safety measures being enforced by National and by Aviation Authorities, we would like to pay tribute to all our Flight and Cabin Crew Members; to our Flight and Ground Operations Staff and to all our Personnel for their unconditional commitment and devotion in keeping our operations running safely, despite the odds, and in full compliance with the very high number of health and safety measures in place.

They have been working around the clock to keep our aircraft flying; to disinfect all cabins and cockpits between each flights and to keep serving our customers.

So, to all our amazing people: THANK YOU!

We will continue to operate as long and as much as we possibly can, including for life-saving medical/transplantation flights, because this is one of the core reasons of the existence of Business Aviation.

If you have any questions/inquiries about flights, contact our Sales Team: sales@aslgroup.eu

If you have any questions/inquiries about our Health & Safety Measures, contact our Safety Team: safety@aslgroup.eu

UPDATE 20/03/2020:

To date, we are still operating repatriation flights for nationals who may be stranded abroad, as well as medical flights and other essential flights. Some flights/destinations are subject to temporary bans or restrictions.

If you are abroad and want to return home and have no or limited airline connection, we can help you!

We operate according to strict safety and health measures, following national and aviation requirements or recommendations.

All our aircraft are entirely and systematically disinfected after each flights and our crew members have very strict health and hygiene protocols to follow, in order to ensure a maximum level of safety.

For all flight inquiries, contact our Sales Team: sales@aslgroup.eu

UPDATE 01/04/2020:

Our company continues to operate at maximum capacity, with respect to the operational limitations related to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

At this time, we are still able to offer essential flights (repatriation flights, government flights, diplomatic flights, medical flights and urgent low-volume cargo flights, among others.)

All our flights are carried out in accordance with national and international health and safety measures. 

The list of all health and safety measures currently applied by the company are listed below.

In order to futher support the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, we are also offering Empty Leg Flights free of charge for the transportation of medical staff, medical material, diplomats and government officials directly involved in their duties.

For all flight inquiries, contact our Sales Team: sales@aslgroup.eu

UPDATE 01/05/2020:

Even though the Covid-19 is still there and still impacting the world at various levels, we hold ourselves fully ready for the better days. And they are coming!

As boundaries will start to open-up again and travel restrictions to ease-up, we will be fully operational to take our valued customers on their next journey to their preferred destinations, whether for business or leisure.

Business Aviation offers one of the most efficient and safest way to travel, with the use of private aircraft, private airport business aviation terminals, smaller business aviation dedicated airports and the most stringent safety & health standards.

And as the Covid-19 outbreak continues to strike, we remain fully committed to support the medical world as well as to provide on-demand repatriation flights.

For more information about our current operations or for upcoming travel needs:  Flexibility,

Efficiency, Safety and Trust. These values have built our company and made us who we are today.

And once again, they will take us back high in the sky! Stay tuned...

We will come back soon with positive news soon.


Despite the current challenging context and the increasing amount of operational limitations, the company is doing its very best and is working around the clock to keep operating at maximum capacity and to offer its services.

To this end, and with respect to National and Aviation Authorities requirements, the company has implemented an important amount of Hygiene and Safety Measures on all its flights (applicable to ASL, JetNetherlands and Air Chaters Europe):

  • All our aircraft (cabins and cockpits) are systematically deep-cleaned and entirely disinfected after each flight, either by our crew members or by our Ground Operations Personnel, using certified products (EASA)
  • All our crew members (flight and cabin) have to follow very strict protocols and procedures with regards to hygiene and health. Upon experiencing any sign of illness, they are removed from duty and asked to stay home.
  • All our company aircraft are equipped with disinfecting products, protective cleaning material as well as with Universal Precaution Kits (UPK), as recommended by EASA
  • All passengers who have been traveling to/from risky or affected areas/countries are required to fill in a Locater Passenger Form. These are communicated to Airport Authorities and National Health Agencies for tracking purposes
  • Crew Members are required to maintain social distancing and to limit direct physical contact with other persons (either with colleagues/fellow crew members or with airport personnel and passengers)
  • Limiter in-flight service is offered in order to limit contact between crew members and passengers
  • Night-stops are avoided whenever possible. 
  • Flights to/from affected areas are limited to one-way flights with minimum time on the ground
  • Our Flight Operations & Flight Dispatch Departments are working 24/7 to monitor the situation and to keep up with new operational limitations such as flight bans, airport closures, country closures, etc.

For all flight inquiries, contact our Sales Team: sales@aslgroup.eu
For all Safety measures inquiries, contact our Safety Team: safety@aslgroup.eu

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