Durabilité et écologie - RISE Project

"With the ‘RISE’ project we aim to reduce the ecological footprint of our airline and thus contribute to a cleaner, healthier world"

At ASL Group, we are constantly working on new projects to expand our business and to offer our clients innovative travel solutions. Like many other companies and airlines, we want to contribute to a sustainable and healthy future, both socially and ecologically. “We realize that flying is not and never will be climate-neutral. CO2 offsetting is an important step for climate change, but it is not the solution. That’s why we want to intensify our actions to reduce the ecological footprint of our airline. This is where the ambitious ‘RISE’ project originated from.

What exactly does the ‘RISE’ project entail?

The ASL Group is planning to offset the CO2 emissions of its aircraft in the future by investing money in ecological projects. As our ambitions extend further and we want to contribute more in the field of ecologically responsible entrepreneurship, the RISE project arose. It stands for ‘Responsible Initiatives for a Sustainable Environment’ and includes a number of concrete measures and actions to reduce the ecological footprint of our airline. For example, plastic will no longer be used on board of our aircraft and the waste streams will be separated more effectively and selectively. We will also invest in sustainable and preferably fair trade products on board, such as food, drinks and personal care products.

In addition, our aircraft will gradually switch to a new type of greener fuel, called Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) - this is a multi-year plan. Additionally, a number of fuel-saving measur es will soon be introduced during flights, such as single-engine taxiing or even more efficient flight paths.


A wonderful and ambitious project!

Sure, we are very proud that we will soon be able to launch it ‘of ficially’. But of course we couldn’t manage this on our own. We collaborated with an excellent partner, the Dutch company Climate Neutral Group.

For fifteen years t hey have been working on tackling the climate problem and stimulating climate-neutral entrepreneurship. These people assist us in a structured way in our gradual transition to climate neutrality.

Based on an analysis of the processes responsible for our airline’s CO2 emissions, they have drawn up a roadmap and a number of green ‘key performance indicators’ to reduce these emissions. This allows us to continuously evaluate and adjust our actions and efforts. By doing so, we hope to make a meaningful contribution to a sustainable future and a healthier world with the ‘RISE’ project. 

For more information about the ASL Group RISE Project, contact us via greenteam@aslgroup.eu


For more information about Sustainability in Business Aviation, visit EBAA's website: https://www.ebaa.org/policies/the-ebaa-and-the-environment/

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