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ASL Jet Handling - FBO & Ground Handling Services

ASL Jet Handling - FBO & Ground Handling Services

Since March 2019, ASL offers Ground Handling services to all operators and aircraft owners departing and arriving from the international airport of Antwerp-Deurne (located 50 km North of Belgium's capital Brussels), as well as on the international airports of Maastricht-Beek en Groningen, in the Netherlands.

Ground handling services include all the standard services that can be expected for business jets of all sizes, such as:
  • Short term & long term parking - outdoor parking & securing as well as limited hangar space (if available in the existing ASL Hangars);
  • Refueling services (Jet A-1 and AVGAS);
  • Line services - aircraft interior and exterior cleaning; dish-washing, laundry cleaning, lavatory servicing; potable water filling, etc. 
  • Line maintenance - in coordination with ASL sister company RAS (Part-145 Maintenance Workshop);
  • Customs & immigration services (coordination with Airport Police & Customs);
  • Aircraft catering order (crew and passengers);
  • Passenger services - baggage handling, provision of passenger lounge and ground transportation arrangement;
  • Flight planning facilities - access to computers and telecommunication equipment for weather reports, briefing packages and flight plan filing;
  • Flight crew lounge - dedicated rest areas for transient flight crew;
  • Car rental arrangement
  • More.

The company uses its own facilities (hangar and lounges) but also uses dedicated FBO facilities in the brand new General Aviation Terminal located at Antwerp Airport, which provides crews and passengers with a dedicated and secured access to the apron where aircraft are parked. The facilities will include a VIP passenger lounge, a crew lounge & rest area and will also feature a large reception/meeting/event area (prearrangement and booking through the FBO will be required).

This new activity will expand the catalog of activities and services related to business aviation already offered by the ASL Group. After Antwerp and Groningen, the company aims at rapidly expanding its FBO network to the other airports where the company is already based (in Belgium and in the Netherlands) as well as to new airports/bases in the upcoming years.

For more details about the FBO, about handling services offered and for all handling requests:

handling@aslgroup.eu or +32 (0)3 535 02 33 for Antwerp (EBAW - ANR) and Maastricht-Beek (EHBK-MST)

info@groundace.eu or +31 (0)50 308 00 73 for Groningen (EHGG - GRQ) 

To review & download our Ground Handling General Conditions, CLICK HERE

Current Locations where Ground Handling Services are offered:

Antwerp-Deurne, Belgium (EBAW-ANR)
Maastricht-Beek (EHBK-MST)
Groningen, the Netherlands (EHGG - GRQ)

Coming soon:

Liege, Belgium (EBLG - LGG)

ASL and JetNetherlands are members of EBAA EBAA Member