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Part-NCC Support

Part-NCC Support

EASA Air Operations Regulations (EU) 265/2012 Part-NCC applies to non-commercial flights with complex motor-powered aircraft. Part-NCC regulations will apply in most of the EASA member states (EU states) from 25 August 2016. ASL and JetNetherlands are here to support aircraft owners and private company operating complex aircraft to meet all their Part-NCC requirements.

Part-NCC requires operators to basically follow the same regulations and requirements as Part-CAT (Commercial Air Transport) operators, but with adapted and proportioned rules.

Instead of holding an EASA AOC (Air Operator Certificate), EU Based operators will have to submit a “Declaration” to their National Aviation Authorities (NAA) about their operation, regardless of where the aircraft is registered!

This declaration may somehow be compared to a “mini” AOC, laying down the organizational aspect of your operation as well as how you intend to comply with all the requirements related to operation control and supervision, crew training & scheduling, technical follow-up and maintenance, safety, compliance monitoring, etc. For this, the operator will have to present to the authorities a set of manuals as well as a management system.

If you are the owner or the operator of a complex motor-powered aircraft flying for non-commercial purposes with an aircraft that is registered within an EASA member-State; or if you are flying with an aircraft that is registered in a non-EASA member state but where the operator is established or residing in an EASA member state, then yes, you are affected by the new Part-NCC regulations.

A complex motor-powered aircraft is an aeroplane that satisfies any one of the below:

  • has a maximum certificated take-off mass exceeding 5700 kg;
  • is certificated for a maximum passenger seating configuration of more than 19;
  • is certificated for operation with a minimum crew of two pilots;
  • is equipped with a turbojet engine(s);
  • is equipped with more than one turboprop engine and exceeding 5700kg.

The above definitions will catch include all single pilot light jets (CJ series, Phenom, Mustang and so on) in the turbojet rule.

ASL Group and JetNetherlands

ASL and JetNetherlands have decades of experience in private aircraft management and operation. The company holds two EASA AOC’s (one in Belgium and one in The Netherlands) on which it can easily add your aircraft.

We manage privately owned aircraft of many different types and are fully familiar with all the obligations and requirements from EASA.

Who needs to worry about the upkeep of your aircraft? We do. You have enough to think about without having to worry about the maintenance and management. That’s our job. It requires both expertise and experience and certainly needs 24/7 attention.

Our team will take care of everything to ensure that you can concentrate on enjoying your aircraft without any hassle. In today’s complex regulatory environment, managing an aircraft is a time-consuming task, but we are used to it.

For more than 15 years we have owned, as well as managed other companies’ aircraft, giving us a unique perspective into the requirements of owning an aircraft.

ASL & JetNetherlands can offer you several tailored solution to fulfill the Part-NCC requirements:

  • Adding your aircraft on either of our AOC certificates;
  • Submitting a “Declaration” to the authorities, under our name;
  • Submitting a “Declaration” to the authorities, under your name (whereby we would provide you with consultancy and certain management services) ;

All these solutions are available and will depend on your personal needs.

It would be our pleasure to help you with Part-NCC requirements and find the best solution for your personal needs and requirements. We have the staff, the experience and the resources available to help you the best way possible.


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