ASL Group partners with PAL-V for the future of Air Mobility

28 Sep
ASL Group partners with PAL-V for the future of Air Mobility

Belgian private jet company ASL Group and Dutch flying car manufacturer PAL-V have established a formal partnership making ASL the exclusive dealer and service provider of PAL-V in Belgium 

The partnership was marked by the signature of a contract between the two companies by their respective CEO's during a ceremony held at the ASL premises in Antwerp, Belgium on August 27, 2019. For this special occasion, one of the prototypes of the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition was presented in front of the ASL Hangar. 

Through this partnership, ASL will become the official and exclusive dealer of PAL-V in Belgium (non-exclusive in the Netherlands and Luxembourg). Both companies are also exploring possibilities to incorporate pilot training through ASL's Approved Training Organisation (ATO) as the partnership evolves. 

PAL-V is currently in the final phase of certifying world’s first commercial flying car. The PAL-V Liberty will enter the market in 2021. ASL and PAL-V will also jointly present a prototype of the PAL-V Liberty during the tenth edition of Zoute Grand Prix (October 10-13), a major car rally event organised in the fashionable city of Knokke-Heist (Belgium) of which ASL has been one of the major sponsors for several years. Visitors and participants of the rally will have the chance to discover the unique concept of PAL-V and learn more about the future of air & road mobility solutions by meeting with representatives of both ASL and PAL-V.

This project marks an important milestone in the development of ASL, as the company strives to be at the edge of innovation in terms of personal and business air mobility solutions. The entire (business) aviation industry agrees on the idea that we are at the edge of a major revolution in terms of (urban) air mobility. Most major aircraft manufacturers as well as renown transport companies are all working on concepts of new urban mobility transport solutions. PAL-V will open the Personal Air Mobility market by bringing a fully certified flying car to the market in 2021. The PAL-V Liberty is based on a gyroplane and therefore is easy to learn to fly by PAL-Vs already registered customers. ASL Group  actively contributes to this upcoming revolution by partnering up with innovative manufacturers such as PAL-V and therefore prepares itself for the future of mobility, the flying car.

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