ASL-JetNetherlands adds 4 aircraft to its fleet 

23 Apr
ASL-JetNetherlands adds 4 aircraft to its fleet 

Antwerp - Belgium & Rotterdam - The Netherlands
April 23, 2019

Belgian-Dutch Business Aviation Company & Operator ASL-JetNetherlands is adding 4 new aircraft to its fleet and to the European Charter Market

Belgium & Netherlands based company ASL-JetNetherlands is in the process of adding four new aircraft in its charter aircraft fleet. All four new aircraft will be managed and operated on behalf of their respective owners, and will be also offered to the charter market for commercial/charter operations.

A Hawker 4000 is being added onto the Belgian AOC (ASL). The aircraft will be based in Antwerp (Belgium) and will be operated as from May 2019. This super mid-size jet offers a maximum range of 3100 nautical miles (around 5700 km) and features on of the largest cabins in its class, with room for 8 passengers in a dual club seating configuration, a large wet galley at the front of the cabin, and a fully enclosed lavatory at the back of the aircraft.

A Cessna Citation X will be joining the Dutch AOC (JetNetherlands) by May-June 2019 and will be based in Kortrijk-Wevelgem (Belgium). This will be the second Cessna Citation X to join the ASL-JetNetherlands fleet. The Citation X is currently the fastest civilian aircraft certified in the world, with a maximum cruise speed of Mach .93. The aircraft welcomes up to 9 passengers in a spacious stand-up cabin.

A Cessna Citation XLS+ is also joining the Belgian AOC (ASL) and will be available as from May 2019 for charter operations. The aircraft will also be managed and flown for its private owner. The aircraft will be based in Rotterdam-The Hague airport (Netherlands) and will offer seating for up to 9 passengers in a spacious and comfortable stand-up cabin. The Cessna Citation XLS+ ranges up to 1900 nautical miles (around 3500 km) and is one Europe's favorite mid-size jet.

Last but not least, a Cessna CitationJet will be joining the Belgian AOC (ASL) as of May/June 2019. The aircraft will have Rotterdam-The Hague as home base and will be flown both for its owner and will be offered to the charter market as well. The CJ is one of the most successful and efficient light jet for the European market. Able to welcome up to 5 passengers, the aircraft offers a unique combination of range, performance and efficiency to connect European getaways.

The addition of these 4 new aircraft confirms the position of ASL-JetNetherlands as one of the fastest-growing and leading business jet companies in Europe.

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