Cessna C650 Citation VII

Airplane specifications

  • 7 (+1) seats
  • Max 850 kmh / 460 kt cruise speed
  • Max 4260 km / 2300 nm Flight range
  • 1,53 m¬≥ Luggage capacity

Special features

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  • Mini bar
  • Boiler
  • Phone
  • Toilet

The Cessna Citation III was the first of the Model 650 series of Citation jets, which are mid-sized, high-performance business jets. The Citation III led to the later development of the Citation VI and Citation VII. The 650 series was the second of six distinct "families" of jets marketed by Cessna Aircraft Company under its Cessna Citation brand.

Instead of the Citation IV, Cessna focused their attention on developing two other versions of the III simultaneously. The first of these, the Citation VI, was intended to be an economy version of the III, with a basic, standardized avionics package and a generic cabin interior, without the option of custom interiors that were designed for each customer as was the practice with the III. The first flight of the VI took place in 1991, but the market didn't respond well. Only 39 aircraft were built before the model was discontinued in May 1995.

The second aircraft that Cessna worked on after the cancellation of the IV was the Citation VII, which again was based on the III but intended to take a big step forward in performance. This Citation was a slap in the face of its competitor Learjet, whose pilots often jeered at Cessna's jets as "Slowtations." The Citation VII has an advertised max cruise speed of 480 knots. Improved Garrett TFE731-4R engines enabled the aircraft to operate from higher-altitude airfields during hotter weather, when density altitude prohibited operations of the III. First flight of the VII took place in February 1991, and by the time production ended nine years later, 119 aircraft had been built.

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Flight range

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