Embraer E550 Legacy 500

Airplane specifications

  • 9 seats
  • Max 860 kmh / 465 kt cruise speed
  • Max 5740 km / 3100 nm Flight range
  • 4,65 mÂł Luggage capacity

Special features

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  • Mini bar
  • Boiler
  • Wifi
  • Phone
  • Toilet
  • Microwave / oven
  • In-flight entertainment

Embraer started from a blank sheet to give birth this ambitious aircraft. In a way, it is a homecoming for the Legacy 500. Embraer first introduced the double program Legacy 500/450 during the EBACE convention in Geneva, back in 2008.

It is the first mid-size twin-engine business jet equipped with electrical “fly-by-wire” flight controls, an innovative side-stick control and synthetic vision system also ensures pilots and passengers won’t find a smoother flight. Up until recently, only two high-end models were equipped with this technology, the Falcon 7X from Dassault and the G650 from Gulfstream. The Brazilian manufacturer hereby takes one step ahead of its direct competitors on this segment of the market, Cessna with its new Citation Latitude and Bombardier with the Learjet 70/75, but above all, it gives a shot of old to the existing models (Gulfstream G150, Hawker 850XP, Citation Sovereign, etc.).

The Legacy 500 is powered by two turbojet engines Honeywell 7500E each providing 6.540 pounds of thrust, offers a range of 3100 NM / 5740 KM (with 4 passengers). Its max cruise speed is Mach 0.82 and its operational ceiling is 45.000ft whilst maintaining a cabin altitude of 5.800 ft, one of the lowest cabin altitude in the industry.

The Legacy 500 defies every definition of a mid-light jet. The aircraft features a spacious cabin, 1.83 m high, 2.08 m wide and 7.32 m long, which can accommodate up to 9 passengers (in addition to the two pilots). It has the quietest and largest cabin in its class and is the first to market with a flat floor, not to mention four fully berthable club seat options that recline flat to create beds.

The cabin is equipped with the Honeywell Ovation Select cabin management system, which provides full control of the advertisement system via individual touchscreen panels located in the cabin, as well as from an iPhone/iPad application. The cabin also features Wi-Fi connectivity, a sat phone, a CD/DVD/MP3/Blu-ray player and a Coffee machine.

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