Hawker 4000

Airplane specifications

  • 8 seats
  • Max 880 kmh / 545 kt cruise speed
  • Max 6000 km / 3240 nm Flight range
  • 3,25 m³ Luggage capacity

Special features

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  • Mini bar
  • Boiler
  • Phone
  • Toilet
  • Microwave / oven
  • In-flight entertainment

Hawker Beechcraft’s Hawker 4000, more commonly known as the Hawker Horizon, has been serving its owners well since it went into service in 2005. Hawker Beechcraft had high hopes for this private jet – they designed it to meet the high standards of comfort and performance required in the super midsized category of aircraft. To give the 4000 a competitive edge, Hawker Beechcraft selected a carbon fiber fuselage, making the 4000 the first business jet to use one. Hawker 4000’s closest competitor, the Challenger 300, is so similar in many areas that it seems the two private jets were designed with the other in mind. 

The cabin is one of the areas of divergence between the two private jets. The interior of the Hawker 4000 measures 29.5 feet long, 6 feet high, and 6.5 feet wide. The Challenger 300, by comparison, lacks 1 foot in length but exceeds the Hawker 4000 by 1 inch in height and by 8 inches in width. Total cabin volume for the Hawker 4000 is 762 cubic feet, a sizeable distinction from the Challenger 300’s 860 cubic foot cabin.

Both cabins can be configured for 8 to 14 passengers. The 4000 has 115 cubic feet of baggage space, slightly more than the Challenger 300’s 106 cubic feet. The Hawker 4000’s interior is quite luxurious, as befits a private jet of its size. The cabin is equipped with all the amenities necessary for a productive office at 45,000 feet: individual worktables, power outlets, and a MagnaStar 2000 air-to-ground phone all come standard. Cabin entertainment systems include a CD/DVD player, Rockwell Collins Airshow map, and a full galley with plenty of storage space. Additional entertainment and office amenities can be added as desired.

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