Blue Sky Club

Blue Sky Aviation – Take membership. Take flight.

It’s time to stop dreaming of owning your own private aircraft and make it a reality.

Imagine being able to wake up one morning and take your family on a last-minute ski trip, in your own private aircraft? Or perhaps visit three or four European cities in one day? Just think how valuable that would be for your home and business life!

With our new Blue Sky loyalty program, it is possible. As a frequent flyer with ASL and JetNetherlands, you will benefit from exclusive advantages and competitive prices. We offer flight hours packages on all our aircraft and consume these hours over one year time.

The frequent flyer packages we offer in our Blue Sky Loyalty Programs are as follows:

Starter Package: 15 hours
Frequent Flyer: 25 hours
Gold Package: 50 hours

These packages are applicable to the entire ASL/JetNetherlands fleet.

The more hours you fly, the less it will cost you per hour. But besides the competitive pricing, we will also reward your loyalty by offering you unique advantages:

- You will be treated as a privileged client. We guarantee that we will always treat your request in priority.

- Should your preferred aircraft be unavailable, we will always find the best alternative solution for you.

- You will receive special offers and invitations to our special events

- We will always inform you first about our new services, new aircraft

- Get special discounts and other benefits from our sister companies and exclusive partners

- You will be offered the opportunity to become a member of the Blue Sky Aviation Club and will gain access to unique aircraft which are not accessible to the grand public

+ Many more benefits and advantages

For a specific an detailed offer, please contact our sales department.


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